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Hey... / Hayley Hilton Theiss (GrandDaughter)  Read >>
Hey... / Hayley Hilton Theiss (GrandDaughter)
Hey, Mama. It's Hayley here! Haha... I really miss you. Even if I don't remember you, I know we had good memories. I'm a big ole 13 year old!! Uhm... I'm goin though some stuff... You should know all about it. I know you are watching down on us from above. I hope you met Nana!! Momma says I looks like you with my hair down and Nana with my hair up. But just wanted to let you know, I think about you. I reallyyyyyyyyy miss you!!!!😞😞😞😞😔😔😔😔😔 Love You Mama!!😭😞😔😪💔 - Hayley 💔 Close
9 years....  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)  Read >>
9 years....  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)
Wow....9 years has passed! It seems like only yesterday we were all gathered in your hospital room, telling you goodbye for the very last time! I still remember that morning as if it was yesterday....I can remember every detail....down to the skunk we hit on our way to the hospital! They say time heals all wounds, but seriously it doesn't....Yeah, it's a little more tolerable but the hurt never really goes away! I still miss you so much. The kids are older now and I have so many questions that only you could answer! But, I'm trying my best to be the kind of mom that I have to be to them! Teenage years are hard...I know you remember them with  us!!! Tristan is so much like Matthew, it isn't funny! But, he's a good kid and I know you would be so very proud of the young man he is becoming!! Hayley is...well, Hayley is Hayley!! She is so unique and you would really get a kick out of her! She can come up with the craziest things to make you laugh!!! But, I know you already know all this because you see us....I know I may not be the best mom in the world, but I am doing everything I know how to be a good mom to them....just like you were to me and Matthew!!!
Mom, I miss you so much and wish you were here every day! But I know that I will see you again someday....You are in Heaven with Papa Michael and Grandma Fischer and everyone that has gone before us!!! I love you Mom!!!! Close
I miss and Love you!!  / Hayley Hilton Theiss (Grand-kid)  Read >>
I miss and Love you!!  / Hayley Hilton Theiss (Grand-kid)
Well mama it is all most my birthday with out you and Nana and gradma wich my Birthday won't be the same with out y'all. Momma told that the told me what happend to you and i said" You are in cevin with the care bears" and it is true. i love and miss you every day. I am very smat i don't show it. I am playing sort ball getting good grades. I have made a lot of friends over the years and the all get me and love my stupid crazyness!! I wish you could hear som of the stuff i came up with!! i love and miss you mama every day that your gone is a pices of my hear is gone i can't watie to see you agin matbe!! Love you Grand baby Hayley!! Close
I love you!!  / Hayley Hilton Theiss (Grand-kid)  Read >>
I love you!!  / Hayley Hilton Theiss (Grand-kid)

Well Mama it has been 8 years and some mounthes and well i miss you. What made me came across this well i was googleing my self like am idot and found this site i did not know what it was so i cliked on it and saw about how we all miss you and love you and wish you were here and it is all true i wish you were to see me and see how big i got. I wish all i want but maybe one day when i die i will see you in heavn if you went i  go i can't waite if i see you. I was 3 when you died i did not know what was death intill like 5. All i kknew was you were gone and wron't coming back. i just wanted to write this to tell you i love you sooo much smf i miss you!!!!

Another birthday without you  / Stacey H. (daughter)  Read >>
Another birthday without you  / Stacey H. (daughter)
Wow....didn't realize it had been so long since I posted here! Time goes by so darn fast! Today you would have been 57 years old! I often wonder what life would be like if you were still here with us....I wonder if you would look the same, I wonder where we would be....I know we probably wouldn't be down here in SC because that would be too far for you to see Tristan every day!!!! I know everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for us....I just sometimes wish that plan hadn't included you leaving us so soon! But it did, and I have accepted that! It's just so hard sometimes....especially days like today! You would think that time would heal our wound, but it doesn't! Every birthday that goes by is a reminder that you aren't here with us! But I know that you are in Heaven looking down on us and watching us every day! You would be so proud of all your grandbabies! They are all growing up into such wonderful young people! Yeah, Tristan tries my patience on a daily basis...kinda like Matthew did with you when he was this age! He reminds me so much of Matthew! And Hayley is a mixture of you and Lewis' mom!! I know that you and she are in Heaven looking down on her and saying "That's our girl!" I miss you so much much it hurts sometimes!!! I hope you are having a good birthday in Heaven!!!
I love you!!!!! Close
Happy 53rd Birthday Mom!!  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)  Read >>
Happy 53rd Birthday Mom!!  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)

Another birthday!! You would be 53 today. I can see you now, telling us all you are getting old and not to make a fuss over you because it's just another day!!! It's not just another day anymore...It never was to me!!! It's a day to celebrate your birth!!! Because, if you hadn't been born, then I wouldn't be here today!!! I was gonna get a balloon for the kids to send to you in Heaven, but we really couldn't afford it this year. Maybe for Mother's Day we will be able to, and I'll send two up that day!!! Hard to believe it's been almost 4 1/2 years since you left us!!! Where has the time gone??? The kids are getting older and growing up so fast!! You would be so proud of both of them. They are both on the Honor Roll at school and doing so well playing baseball! I know you are in Heaven looking down on them every day and cheering them on!!!

Happy 53rd Birthday Mom!!! I love and miss you VERY much!!!!

The years are flying by...  / Roger Michael (Brother)  Read >>
The years are flying by...  / Roger Michael (Brother)

Yet another year has passed, where has the time gone?  Not a day passes that you're not on my mind.  There's so much that I wish I could share with you, so much has changed since you've been gone, but yet so many things are still the same.

We're all getting older, that is becoming so evident.  I never really thought of myself as getting old until recently.  I think too much about the future and how I'm getting older. 

As long as I live I'll always wish you were here and I dream that someday, once my time here on earth has ended, that we'll see each other again.  I've always tried not to question why you had to go, to accept the fact that it was meant to be and I know for certain that you are in a better place.  

Love you always!

Another year has passed.....  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)  Read >>
Another year has passed.....  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)
Another year has passed....It's so hard to believe it's been 4 years already!! It seems like only yesterday that we told you that we loved you and then we told you goodbye. It's still so hard...harder than I ever imagined it could be. You are definitely not forgotten. We talk about you ALL the time!!! I have to, to keep your memory alive to your grandkids!!! You would be SO proud of them both!!!! They are growing up to be such great kids...well, most of the time...Haha....They wouldn't be your grandkids if they didn't give me a hard time at least once a day!!!! They miss you....They have so much that they would love to share with you. But I know that you see them and I know that you are up in Heaven telling everyone "Those are MY babies down there, getting the good grades in school and growing up to be good people!!!" I know that is the part of you in them....The goodness in them!!! You were so special Mom.....More than you will ever know!!!! But, I know that you are in a better place, where there is no suffering and no pain!!! And, I'm sure by now that you have met Lewis' mom Kathy!!! And you are both up there, looking down on Tristan and Hayley and smiling!!!! Tell her that we miss her too!!!! I don't know what else to say, other than the same things I say every year on this day.....I miss you SO DAMN much it hurts sometimes!!!! But I will be okay....You will make sure of that, because you are my guardian angel forever now!!!!! I love you Mom!!!!! Close
3 Year Ago  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)  Read >>
3 Year Ago  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)
3 years ago, at 3:09a.m., you left us!! I can't believe 3 years have passed already. It feels like only yesterday. I know I say this everytime I come in here, but man, I MISS YOU SO MUCH MOM!!!! I swore to myself that I wasn't gonna cry today, and now I am!! It's not fair. You're supposed to be here, with me and Matthew, and the kids. But you're not!!! I swear, I think as the time passes, it gets worse. Especially on days like today. I think about you all the time, especially this time of year. Christmas is coming again. Another Christmas without you. Christmas just isn't the same anymore. It never will be. Life isn't the same anymore, and I know it never will be either. I feel like a huge part of me died with you 3 years ago. I've tried to be strong, and everyone tells me I am, but, dammit, I don't feel strong right now. I want my mom back!!! I want to be able to call you when I have a question about the kids. I want to be able to come and see you. I want to hear you laugh again. But, I never will be able to call you, or see you, or hear your laugh. I take that back....I will be able to see and hear you someday!! Because I know that you are in Heaven, waiting on me and Matthew and everyone else!! I know you are up there, looking down on us and guiding us along the way. I feel your presence sometimes, even though I can't see you. I hear "Live Like You Were Dying" and automatically I think of you, because usually when I hear that song, something good happens in my life!!! 
Okay, I think I've rambled on enough, and shed a few tears. I know you wouldn't want me to cry, so I will stop this now before I turn into a blubbering idiot!!!
Where has the time gone?  / Roger Michael (Brother)  Read >>
Where has the time gone?  / Roger Michael (Brother)
Three years...   It's so hard to believe how fast time goes by.  I'm now the age you were when you left us, I am so not ready to go at this age and I don't have nearly as much to live for as you did.
Grandkids that are growing up without you, it's so unfair, you would be so proud of them.
I'm sure you're watching over them but I wish they had you here while they're growing up.
Every day that passes I know I'm that much closer to seeing you again.  I only hope that what those of us that are still here believes is true.  
Save a place for me, the last 4 years you were alive we spent almost every day together, I'm looking forward to having that time together again.
Miss you! Close
Another birthday....  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)  Read >>
Another birthday....  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)
Another birthday has passed and you're still gone! I miss you so much every day, but it's days like today that I miss you the most!!! I've done pretty good. I haven't cried too much because I know that's not what you would want. You would want us to be happy and not make a fuss over you!! I'm sure you got the balloons the kids sent!! They miss you too, so much than anyone knows!! But you would be so proud of them, Mom...I know you would!! They are both playing ball and loving every minute of it. I know you are up there in Heaven, watching them and telling everyone "Those are my grandbabies down there!!" I know that if you were here, you would be at the games, watching them and cheering them on!! The weather is beautiful. I know you would love it. All the trees and flowers are blooming. It's so pretty!! 
Well, I don't have much to say today! Just that I love you and I miss you so much!!!! Close
Happy Birthday! I miss you!  / Roger Michael (Brother)  Read >>
Happy Birthday! I miss you!  / Roger Michael (Brother)
Happy Birthday!  April 28, 2007.  Yet another year passes...  I guess that just means we're that much closer to seeing each other again.  
It's spring, everything is sprouting, the Dogwoods are blooming, I wish you were here to see it.
Mom has been sick for 3 days now so I haven't even mentioned your birthday, though I know she's thinking about you.  
In a few months I'll be the age you were when you left us.  I'll never forget your birthday 3 years ago, April 28, 2004.  Everyone stopped by and gave you gifts.  You said it was because we didn't expect you to be here to see the next one.  We were all shocked, we never even imagined that!  But of course that turned out to be true. 
I miss you as much today as I did the moment you left us...  you're always on my mind.

Love you,
Roger...  Close
Hard to believe....  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)  Read >>
Hard to believe....  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)
It is so hard for me to believe that 2 years has passed already. I just can't accept it sometimes! Sometimes I just think, "Oh, she's just away for awhile." Then I realize, you're gone least physically. Because you are never too far away from me. You are ALWAYS in my heart and in my thoughts. I woke up this morning at 3:09a.m....the exact time that you left us! It was wierd. I just woke up, out of a dead sleep! It's like I felt you there, in the room, with me. Then I went back to sleep. Lewis kept me busy all day today so I wouldn't think about what today was. But I always know what day it is...It's another day without you in my life!!! Like Roger put in an earlier tribute...Time hasn't made the pain go away...It's just made it tolerable!! The pain will never go away. Your memory will always be with my heart, in my thoughts, in my kids!!! I know I've said this many times, but I never knew how much I could miss someone until I lost you!! I miss you sooooooooooooo much Mom. I can't put into words how much I miss you. I know we weren't really huggy people, but there are days that I long to have you hug me...just to feel your loving arms around me one more time. I long to see your smiling face. I long to hear you laugh at the kids.  It's almost Christmas time. I'm beginning to dread Christmas time sometimes because I know it was your favorite time of the year, and you're not here to help us celebrate it. I see things in the store and think "Man, Mom would love that" and realize that I can't buy it because you're not here to give it to. I have a friend who recently lost her father to the dreaded disease that took you away.  She always askes me "Does it get any better, Sis?" I try to tell her that it does, with time. But the more time that goes by, the harder it is to believe that it's been that long ago. Sometimes it feels like yesterday that I saw you and sometimes it feels likes it's been forever.  I keep thinking I'll forget how you sounded, but I haven't.  I keep thinking I'll forget your smile, but I haven't. I remember everything about you, because I miss it all. I miss everything about you. You know what I miss most??? I miss you yelling at me about something...Haha.....I wish I could hear you yell "STACEY!!!" one more time!!  I miss our talks. I miss watching you with my kids and seeing the look of love in your eyes for those babies. They were your babies...All 4 of the kids were, not just my 2...Although I know Tristan was your heart!!! He misses you too...He don't talk about it much anymore, but he does. But he's doing really well!! He's a good kid, for the most part. If we can get past this lieing stage, we'll be okay!!! Hayley...I don't know about that girl sometimes...Haha...She's a riot sometimes!!! You would love her. Just some of the things that comes out of her mouth anymore...Haha!!
Well, I'm out of things to write...I know there's more, but it just won't come out right now!!! I love you, Mom...and I miss you, more and more and more every day!!!
Until I see you again......
Your daughter,
I Think Of You Often, Carol  / Rosemary Stader (Friend)  Read >>
I Think Of You Often, Carol  / Rosemary Stader (Friend)

Carol,   I miss you and think of you often.  You were such a wonderful person, I know God has a very special place for you.  This website is a wonderful tribute to you and a very nice example of how much you are loved.  I know your family was very important to you and I pray that God will bless your family this holiday season with health and happiness.

With love,

carol / Brad Reynolds (friend)  Read >>
carol / Brad Reynolds (friend)
i will miss you forever carol. much love Close
Wish you were here  / Roger Michael (Brother)  Read >>
Wish you were here  / Roger Michael (Brother)
I can't believe that in just a couple of hours it will be 2 years since you left us.  People always say that time heals all wounds, I'm not sure about that, it may make them more tolerable but I don't think they ever really heal.
Every day I wonder what you'd be doing now, since McBee closed.  I have a feeling you and I would be going to school together.  We would both be working on an accounting degree because I know you loved accounting and you'd be running out your unemployment like I am.
This will be our third Christmas without you.  You loved Christmas so much, I think more than any of us.  
I can still see you walking in Mom's front door and saying "What's happenin?"  
It's still so hard to accept the fact that I'm never going to see you again.  How can that be possible?  We grew up together, we worked together, how can I never see you again?  But I do have faith that we'll all be together again someday.  
I wish you would let me know that you're OK and that you'll be there to greet us when our time comes.  
I can't make the tears stop so I'll end this for now but I know that you know that you're always on my mind and I miss you more than I ever imagined I could miss anyone. 
I love you!
Roger... Close
*MissinU* / Kayla Bachtel (Neice)  Read >>
*MissinU* / Kayla Bachtel (Neice)
Hey carol...omg i miss u so much it isn't even funnie...i think bout u everyday..and i think i wonder if she is lookin down on me with a smile and then i reliaze u are ...i love u so much..and i can't seem to take the fact that u are gone..but i am sure u are havin a wonderful time up there....i hope so..cause u deserve it all..well i am goin to go ..i love u and missu so ya..Kayla Close
hey carol  / Lewis Hilton (son-in-law)  Read >>
hey carol  / Lewis Hilton (son-in-law)
hey carol i know it has been sometime since i posted anything on here but i know that you know what is going on here everyday. I have been tring my best to keep stacey and the kids and safe and happy as i can for you but then again you already know that. Carol there is not a day that goes byu that we do not think and talk about you here.Carol i just wanted to let you know that i do love you and i know that i never said it to your face when you were here but i hope and pray that you kew and know that Close
I miss you so much!  / Debbie Michael (sister)  Read >>
I miss you so much!  / Debbie Michael (sister)
Hi Carol.  I'm sorry that I didn't write anything until now.  It's still really hard for me to realize that you aren't here anymore.  I miss you so much and wish you were here everyday.  There are so many things that I wish I could talk to you about.   It was your birthday the other day and I remember how we used to go out on each other's birthdays.  I miss that too.  I have a boyfriend, Scott, and he is such a great guy Carol.  You'd really like him.  I finally found a good one that truly does love me and Chais and Macie.  I wish you could be here to meet him.  I love you Carol and miss you everyday.  Close
Happy 50th birthday Mom!!!  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)  Read >>
Happy 50th birthday Mom!!!  / Stacey Hilton (Daughter)
Happy 50th Mom!!!
You so wanted to be here for this big day, but God had other plans for you in Heaven!!! I know that you celebrated today with all your friends and loved ones that went before you!! I promised myself I wouldn't cry while I wrote this and I'm sorry to say that I can't keep that promise!! I miss you so much, especially on days like today. You were supposed to be here today, but you weren't! Man, I miss you so much, some days worse than others, but I miss you every day. You will never know what you meant to me. You were my best friend, my rock....I miss our talks....I miss calling you every day....I miss everything about you!! You know who else misses you...Tristan...He misses you so much...He may not say it every day, but I can tell...He cried today, hard. That's the first time in a long time that he's done that. I told him that you are still here, maybe not physically, but you're here, in our hearts and in our memories.  Hayley asked how you got to Heaven....I told her angels came down and got you...She was a little confused by that, so Lewis told her that the Care Bears came and got you...She understood then!! She always says you are "up up in the sky, with the Care Bears"  You would get a kick out of her...I swear some of the things she comes up..:))...You would have laughed at her so hard...Wait, you probably do laugh when you hear her!!! I know you're here...Your spirit is everywhere around me....I can feel you sometimes, like you're watching me, making sure I'm okay!!! I'm okay, Mom...I'm doing okay...Yeah, life isn't perfect, but when was it ever, huh???  We're getting by, somehow...That's all that matters...I know you help sometimes....You help when things get tough....I know you do!!!
Well, now that I have tears running down my face, I' m gonna close this!! I just wanted to wish you a happy 50th....And, I love you, more than words will ever be able to say!!! I hope you know that!!!!
I love you, Mom!!!!
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